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Ducks Down the Drain

Available in stores and online

This is a story that begins with ice creams and ends with ice creams but is not really about ice creams at all!

Policeman's Paddock

What Came Through The Window

Available in stores and online

Grandma and Grandpa flew all the way to Africa to visit the exotic animals. One day something climbed through their window.

Will you play a game with me?

Can you guess what climbed through the window that very first day in Africa?

What Came Throug The Window_Story Board4
About the Author

Cathy Moran has always enjoyed a good rapport with young children, both during her career as a Primary Teacher and also her time volunteering for many years with Pony Club.

She and her husband split their time between Melbourne and their family farm in the beautiful North Central District of Victoria. She has four children and an increasing brood of delightful grandchildren.


Her collaboration with the wonderful Kat Buchanan is finally bringing the stories in her head to life, in beautifully illustrated children's books.

What Came Throug The Window_Story Board
About the Illustrator

Kat Buchanan is an architect, illustrator and graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her love for the outdoors, the ocean and thirst for adventure provides her with endless inspiration for design in all it's varied forms.

What Came Through The Window is Kat's first picture book collaboration. She loved the process of bringing Cathy's story to life and looks forward to their future creations.

More of Kat's work can be found at

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